Competitiveness In Our Daily Lives

“You can’t always be the most talented person in the room, but you can be the most competitive.” – Pat Summit

Each and every person in our world has dealt with some type of competition in their lifetime, whether it be healthy or unhealthy. Yet there are so many different situations when competition is present in our lives. It could be presented through sports, school, and even work.

I believe that the best type of competition comes form sports when you are putting yourself and your team out there to compete against others while you all are attempting to reach the same goal, victory. Sports are a great form and example of healthy competition because sports bring out the competitors true character and it makes them push themselves for success.

There is also a presence of competition throughout school. It could be through the competition of collegiate classes at the high school level where you need to be at a certain percentage in your own respective class. It is also a good thing throughout school when you think of in class competition whether it be in gym class or any class to be honest.

A huge place that competition is present is definitely the working and job industry. Each and every day you are competing for a promotion or even a raise, and you will work as hard as you can against others in order to strive for that promotion or raise.

All in all competition is a huge part of everyones life. it is present throughout the whole world in a countless number of ways. There is both the healthy aspect and the unhealthy aspect of competition and it can either greatly affect our life in a positive or a negative way.

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